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Voice of the Audience

Voice of Audience



A leading US bank wanted to be more relevant to the millennial audience. They used Addy to monitor the voice of this audience as it relates to banking and finances. They also analyzed their own content using Addy to see the comparative relevance of their content for this audience. 


Addy allows flexible provisioning of data sets through search tools, API connectors to public data sources (social media tools, reddit, Amazon reviews, Crunchbase, glassdoor, Pubmed, Financial Times, among others), as well as uploading capabilities of internal documents.


The result was insights on how the millennials talk about finances (adulting, side hustle, breaking up with debt) and what are the most important topics for them (traveling finances, self-employment, managing student loans, digital wallets). 


Are there audiences that you want to research? Addy provides the flexibility to pick your audiences and gain fast insights using the power of AI. Be data-driven with Addy!