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Student Research Essays


A student needs to write an essay but is having trouble finding the right topic. She uses Addy’s easy-to-use interface to build different data sets around some ideas that she has had. 


Addy quickly organizes these data sets into top topics, and allows her to filter by top words, sentiments, emotions and top entities (people, products, organizations, locations, events, dates, numbers). Using this information, she quickly zeros in on an interesting topic for her essay.


Now focused, she builds more data sets with Addy and starts to triangulate around her central thesis. Using the Addy workbench function, she easily highlights and clips (saves) the most interesting information that provides evidence and support for her thesis. She now has a long list of credible sources to substantiate her work, and the references for citations are automatically saved.


In the time that it would have taken her to read a few documents, Addy has “read” and summarized thousands for her research. Researching and writing a school essay has never been easier.