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Industry Analysis

Industry analysis

Industry Analysis


A large Fortune 100 company wanted its procurement representatives to understand new developing technologies that are showing up in recent statement of work (SOWs). Addy provided the perfect, fast and convenient solution.


For any analyst or student who is looking to learn more about an industry; whether it be the major players, competitors, innovations, products, or trends, Addy can make understanding much easier. Simply input a search query and then let Addy do the rest. 


With Addy, you can let AI automation find and organize the documents by the top topics, and highlight the top words, entities, and sentiment. Then you can dive into the information and filter by any of these dimensions to find the most relevant results to from your search. 


Further, you can clip important quotes or information, and then save those findings and your thoughts to your own custom workbench. This will allow you to efficiently understand the information and draw your own conclusions while removing the bias of search ranking algorithms. Don’t let Google tell you what is important, take back control of how you search and be data driven.