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Blogging is a critical part of content marketing. But in order for blogs to be effective, bloggers need to post regularly and show the readers that they are dedicated to providing great content consistently.


Regularly writing blogposts, however, can be intimidating and time consuming. That is why bloggers now use Addy to help with research and writing. There are no other tools in the market quite like Addy. It was built with the writer’s workflow in mind.


With Addy’s easy-to-use interface, bloggers can gather a large set of information using a simple search query. Addy then quickly organizes the data set into top themes, using a clustering algorithm. The bloggers can now filter the data set by top words, sentiments, emotions and entities to discover the most pertinent information.


In the Addy workbench module, bloggers can store and retrieve the most compelling evidence for their main thesis, and all the references for citations are automatically saved. 


In the time it would have taken the blogger to read a few documents, Addy “read” and summarized thousands for research. Blogging has never been easier.