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Addy For the Curious

What are you curious about? Do you really want to read the pages and pages of documents from a Google search result? Addy brings machine learning NLP (natural language processing) technology to your fingertips. Save time, understand more, and share your insights with others with Addy. Discover insights posted by other users. Customize any data model as you see fit.


We are bringing the wisdom of the world to your fingertips. Addy has a flexible interface that allows you to provision your own data set. Its machine learning algorithms organize the data into leading topics, and expose top words, entities and sentiment for easy discovery and analysis. Addy allows you to clip (save) the most interesting artifacts and offers report templates to create fast business briefs, blog posts, research papers and more.


Are you a curious person who wants to learn more about a subject? Do you find learning and analysis fun? If so, Addy is the qualitative search engine for you.