Healthcare document analysis

Purpose-built Document Analysis for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is at a critical mass. Staff shortages, increased need for care, healthcare consumerization, and ever more stringent compliance concerns require significant focus and attention to detail.

Nurses, administrators, and healthcare workers in every business sector spend excessive time reviewing documents to extract critical details. No matter how accomplished you are, it’s a job that’s never entirely accurate. Facing higher volumes, longer hours, and more pressure to perform, it’s easy for data to slip through the cracks. Should that happen, health outcomes can be at risk.

Automation is a viable solution, but available tools are costly, highly technical, and complicated to implement, often requiring an IT professional and an in-house team to maintain. Enter Addy, a document analysis platform powered by machine learning. Addy is designed for the speed of business today.

How Addy Helps

Addy is a proven job-aid tool for specialist clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, care facilities, hospitals, and pharmacies—any healthcare organization that processes patient referrals. 

·      Eliminate most of the work involved in reviewing healthcare data

·      Automate the patient referral workflow from point-to-point

·      Track bottlenecks in your processes

·      Make timely and informed decisions concerning referred patients

·      Maintain records of rationale for your decisions to support continuity of care

·      Improve efficiency and boost profitability

·      Track the performance of referring organizations

Patient referrals

If you are a nurse or healthcare professional, your time is precious. It is undoubtedly far too valuable to spend hours triaging patient referral files to achieve an actionable decision. Addy reduces your active time significantly, improves the accuracy of your determinations, and lets you get back to what matters.

Before Addy: Endless hours spent sifting through multiple case files.

After Addy: Review the most relevant information and decide the next steps in the patient’s journey.

Employee Retention

The healthcare industry is facing a staffing crisis across all business models. From the front office to billing, diagnostics, and everywhere in between, employees are stretched to their limits, forcing passionate, capable people out of jobs they once loved. 

Addy helps alleviate the pressure caused by being overworked, reducing the  time and effort involved in the administrative side of patient care so that compassionate professionals can spend more time making a difference. Most got into the field because they wanted to help others. Addy is a way to help them fulfill that quest.

Passionate healthcare employees

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