Addy Features

Build Your Own Model

Build 1

Web Search

  • Build a model from your search results/Provision your own dataset
  • Use advanced search to gether more specified results
  • Choose a number of search results you want to include
  • Include/exclude specific results



  • Amazon Reviews
    • Make model on an amazon product
    • Only Verified reviews are gathered

  • Reddit
    • Make model gathering only the comments, only the post (question) or both
    • Make model with reddit search url or subreddit community or both


  • Twitter
    • Make model by twitter handle


  • Make model on Pubmed search with applied filters
  • Make models from Similar articles from your Pubmed results



More to come... We are constantly adding connections to new data sources


Upload Data Example

Upload your own data

  • File types we support: doc, html, pdf, txt, xlsx, ppt 


Pre-built Models

  • Made by our Addy analysts

  • Analyze and find insights in pre-made models


Discover Example

Top Topics

  • Your data is organized into top topics ranging from 3-15 depending on the size of your data
  • First level filter


Dive deeper into your topics with filtering

  • Top words - consist of bigrams and dive deeper with similar phrases
  • Topic sentiment - positive, neutral, and negative
  • Topic emotion - joy, sad, approve, angry, concerned, disappointed, love
  • Top entities - people, locations, organizations, events, money, percents, products, dates
  • Clip from top results and organize your clips by tags then send them to the workbench


Workbench Example

Report Templates

  • Build your own report from scratch or choose one of our templates (Blog post, Brief, Essay, or Company announcement


Editing Space

  • Editing toolbar
  • Drag and drop clips to editing space
  • Sources of clips automatically include in your report when you drag and drop
  • For feasibility quickly find clips by your tags or by keywords


Downloadable Reports

  • Downloads to your computer's editing software
  • Further edit your or share your report