Addy enables businesses to automate their most mundane, manual processes... without the need for coding nor data scientists.

Research shows that as much as 90% of employees are frequently burdened with boring, recurring tasks! Increase productivity and job satisfaction with Addy.


With Addy, business users can automate the most cumbersome parts of their jobs that involve manual reviews of large amounts of content. Addy helps to eliminate tedious tasks such as evaluating new healthcare patient files; auditing documentation for underwriters; assessing the completeness of legal contracts; auditing for compliance of required documentations from vendors; and so much more.


What is Addy?

Addy helps business users use their own experience and expertise to train AI models to automate the most cumbersome parts of their jobs, without coding and without the help of data scientists.  It's simple to use, low-risk for your budget, and flexible enough to customize for your organization's unique needs. Addy integrates with many enterprise business systems. Contact us to get started in bringing AI automation to your business processes.


How does Addy work?

Addy has an easy-to-use interface for business users to train AI semantic models that identify, extract relevant words and sentences within a set of documents, which enable automated reviews and alerts, leading to fast and informed business decisions.  Addy incorporates proprietary technologies that  allow it to start training AI models with less than 100 labeled sentences, a far more practical approach than the HUGE amounts of data required by other standard AI methods.  These advancements represent a major breakthrough toward the democratization of this type of AI for business users.


What are the benefits of using Addy?

By automating your business processes, you will be able to ensure faster, better informed business decisions. Addy can be a part of your organization's overall digital transformation initiative. Your organization will gain productivity, and save significant costs.  In addition, your employees' overall job satisfaction and productivity will rise, as they move from monotonous tasks to focus more on high-value functions. Addy is what companies need to participate in the AI revolution that is changing the competitive landscape of today’s business.