The wisdom of the world at your fingertips.

Addy provides the best AI (smart text analytics) technology, packaged for ease of use, and made to be accessible to anyone curious.


Meet Addy, an AI-powered engine that transforms the way you research and write.



Addy's friendly interface allows you to easily collect online data for research and analysis. It’s as easy as creating a simple search query to get started. It’s all up to you and what you want to research. Addy even has pre-built connectors with such sites like Reddit, Amazon reviews, Pubmed, Twitter, among others that make accessing their information easy.




Addy automatically organizes the collected information into top topics by using AI. Quickly understand the top trends on any subject. Use the various filters to dig deeper into the top themes, words, entities, sentiment, and emotions. Addy can read and organize hundreds or thousands of documents in the time it would take you to read just one.



Create & Share

Save, tag and organize the most interesting  information from the collected data into the Addy workbench. Here, you can retrieve your tagged information to build arguments and evidence supporting the ideas for your report, blogpost or college essays. Automatically uploads links for citations. Download Addy workbench reports to Word document for further editing and to easily share.



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What are you curious about? Do you really want to read the pages and pages of documents from a Google search result? Addy brings AI (smart text analytics) technology to your fingertips. Save time, understand more, and share your insights with others with Addy. 


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“As a student, I really enjoy the workbench, you can ‘clip’ facts and drag them into the report area. When you use a ‘clip’ the citation automatically shows up at the bottom of the report. Students are always looking for ways to save time, and using Addy is a no brainer."

- Brenda Villa, University of Washington, CEP Major

"Google may be useful to help you find a useful fact, a published document, or a website, but when you need to digest millions of facts, documents, and websites quickly to gain insights about a topic, Addy is the AI/ML solution of choice! Addy is the net generation in advanced analytics and data science that anyone without a data science degree can use and must have !"

- Henry Lin, Managing Director, PointB Capital

Not only does Addy simplify the data collection and categorization of internet content better, faster and more accurately than anyone, but it allows me to understand data quickly. This gives me the capability to take a deep dive on a topic and learn the most meaningful insights right away.

- Warren Sukernek - Director of Marketing at Stackry