Supply Chain Analytic Trends

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Top Topic Document

Supply Chain 4.0

Digital transformation can use IoT to continuously monitor machines on the shop floor, track key performance metrics and then use predictive analytics to understand what these performance metrics mean for yield, quality or the likelihood of machine failure. On the shop floor, it can close information gaps and help you take preventative action on machines before they fail. [1]

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Smart Manufacturing

Shippers that rely on forward-looking prescriptive analytics will be able to understand the real-time dynamics of the supply chain network and make response-focused decisions. As retailers increasingly invest in artificial intelligence to help in the planning process, their ability to modify forecasts and fulfillment plans will require manufacturers to achieve improved order visibility to enable rapid, necessary production adjustments. [2]

Top Topic Document

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics with omnichannel supply chain management make up one of the most in-demand topics in modern supply chain management, but it only functions when a thorough, integrated process for data collection, identification, and analysis exists. New Survey from GE and Accenture finds less than one-third of companies have predictive analytics capabilities although big data analytics is a top priority for 88 percent of executives. [3]

Top Topic Document

Predictive Freight Analytics

Gathering data from a fleet of autonomous trucks may be years away for Armacell, but Jesic stresses how vital data from other sources has become for the company today and the importance of having the analytics to draw actionable insights. “We're in the design and development phase of using forecasting tools that will provide predictive analytics which will be used in our production planning and inventory management to better service our customers,” she explains. [4]

Top Organization | Amazon

Amazon has set the new standard and many consumers expect to receive products ordered online within 48 hours. Other big players such as Target and Walmart are now trying to compete with Amazon by integrating a two-day shipping model as a standard part of their platform. [...] The linkage of “add tech” software companies to track browsing will be very valuable in predicting purchasing trends. Using analytics and deep learning to customize the shopping experience by learning customer browsing habits and serving up the likeliest products and recommendations is key to driving customer satisfaction and repeat orders. Developing a holistic ecosystem for maximizing all channels; including online, in-store pickup, e-commerce, partners, resellers, distributors, global manufacturers will drive net new customers, profitable repeat transactions and net new sales and loyalty. Taking steps out of the customer journey and streamlining the fulfillment process will allow organizations to increase their output with less inefficiencies and a smaller human workforce. [5]

Top Organization | SkuVault

SkuVault is the warehouse management technology platform that empowers small and medium enterprises to optimize operations so they can scale and compete in the growing eCommerce and omnichannel markets at a fraction of the cost. [...] A good WMS allows you to generate “pick lists” based on locations. Picklists help your pickers save steps, which in turn saves time (and money!). Hyper Picking is a method of generating a Wave Picking session but takes it one step further to make your pick process more streamlined. With Hyper Picking, SkuVault has eliminated a few middleman steps to create a faster and more efficient pick system. Plus, you can reduce waste by utilizing digital pick lists. [6]
Supply Chain Analytic Trends (10)

Top Organization | Slync is a supply chain platform that specializes in multi-party interaction, automation, and collaboration. Its platform can be customized to clients' specific needs depending on their role in the supply chain which includes the manufacturer, logistics provider, supplier, and retailer. [...] Retailers who survive the e-commerce disruption by executing on omnichannel will do so by executing a fulfillment strategy that is as nimble as possible, said Chris Kirchner, CEO of Slync. Survivors will have to find solutions that provide real-time supply chain data in order to balance competitive threats and ever-shifting consumer demands. In general, companies that recently expanded their brick-and-mortar footprints were the worst off. [7]

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