We’ve all heard the buzz about the ride-hailing giants Lyft and Uber. We used the Addy tool to take note of the environment surrounding them as it becomes more and more important. Addy found that the ride-hailing services are expanding and are recognizing specialized providers in public transit, paratransit, and senior customers.


One interesting development in public transition was found in the city of Belleville, Canada, located in southern Ontario. Imagine hailing a bus like you would an Uber or Lyft, well you can in Belleville. Currently, the Canadian city is piloting the new technology on their nightly bus route. Pantonium, a fleet management software company, created a demand/response software that was integrated into Belleville’s transit system. To facilitate the ride-hailing service to the hands of the city’s citizens, they created an app. Belleville transit services increased from about 40-45 people to over 100 individuals riding these night routes. We can only expect more cities to start implementing similar improvements as this would further increase revenue and improve their citizens quality of life.

Belleville, Canada


Another interesting topic we found using Addy was how many providers are now targeting senior and ADA customers for ride-hailing services. Uber and Lyft have been teaming up with cities and providers to help in expanding the transportation options for the disabled and the elderly. Uber Health is a service that allows healthcare providers to either schedule an appointment in advance or book an on-demand ride for their clients. RTC of Southern Nevada partnered with Lyft to provide their Ride On-Demand pilot program, for up to 200 of their paratransit customers. In addition to these two ride-hailing giants, many cities and states are expanding their current services to bring on-demand rides to those who typically have fewer options due to their age or disability. These expanding services help those riders make more of their health appointments and live a fuller life.

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