Mother’s Day 2019: Gifts

This report draws analytics about Mother's Day Gifts. The analysis is comprised of 91 documents extracted from different sources such as,, published in the period from March 01, 2018 to April 30, 2019.








The count down is winding down leaving us with little time to spare.
Lucky for us here are some gift ideas, from Addy the research tool.

❊ Gift Idea
❊ E-Gift Card
❊ Favorite Store

❊ Fun Way
❊ Bracelet Charm
❊ Glue Picture
❊ Let Child

❊ Grace Shower
❊ Jewelry Item
❊ Place Small

The best types of gifts to give are personalized gifts and priceless gifts like acts of kindness & appreciation. Sometimes the best gift does not require much money.

The top entities show that Jewelry is a top gift for mother's day rings or necklaces.

❊ Gift Card
❊ Take Care
❊ Tile Mate

❊ Dark Chocolate
❊ Create Product
❊ Feature Bunch
❊ Amazon Cart

❊ Color Gingerbread
❊ Breathable Material
❊ Coconut Cream

You can make mom really happy and feel special with these free yet priceless Mother day gift ideas 1. Your mom will be so delighted if you and your brothers can help out a little with housework. We love you for a thousand different reasons. Don't forget to dim the lights and put on some soothing music too. As children, you may not have enough money to take mom out for brunch or afternoon tea, but there's no reason why you can't enjoy tea with mom at home. [1*]

Inexpensive thoughtful gifts are what mothers appreciate more. Some ideas include; do some housework to take off the burden from mom. Have an outdoor picnic with mom in the backyard, write a thoughtful poem in a mother's day card.

❊ Skin Care
❊ Star Beautiful
❊ Special Message

❊ Free Shipping
❊ Gift shopping
❊ 00 be out of 5
❊ Wedding Ring

❊ Favorite Color
❊ Tiny Thing
❊ Card Stock

Mother pampering gifts are also a favorite, spa's massages, mani pedicure, or just a day off from mom duties.

The typical mother's day card and flowers are also a top gift idea.

To produce this report, text documents are collected from most popular forums, social media, webpages, uploaded documents following client provided contexts. After that, multiple techniques are applied to make sure only documents most related to analysis purpose are taken into account. The text corpus is pre-processed through eliminating document duplication, irrelevance, and calculating word lemmatization before it is sourced to machine learning applications to extract insights using custom Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. The insights have resulted from a process of considering word meaning, word relationship scoring, and language hidden patterns. In addition, client provided contexts are also used to perform better-targeted analysis over the full extracted corpus to discover insights in desired aspects.
Below are the details of the data which were extracted to produce this report
Datasource (Channel: All) | No. Of Docs | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1
Others | 75
Total | 91
Document: Content of one web page or one social media post, it is extracted and stored as a document in Addy.

Data Source: The web pages or computer files from there Addy extract data for the analysis.

Channel The document publishing medium.
[1*]5 Priceless No Money Mother's Day Gift Ideas

[2*]Dear Family, Before You Buy Me a Mother's Day Gift, Please Do This Instead

[3*]Mothers Day Gifts Online | Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Send Happy Mothers Day Gifts to India Same Day Delivery

[4*]15 Inexpensive Mother's Day Gift Ideas

[5*]Mother's day gift ideas, crafts, cards, and printables

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