Mayor Pete, A Star Is Born

According to Addy, there seems that a star is born the realm of politics. There is one candidate whose Subreddit subscribers went up from 300 to 7,300 in March, Pete Buttigieg. Who is he? Here are the Cliff notes, powered by Addy, that are based on more than 5000 documents:

Not your typical candidate

Meet 37-year-old Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg, who could become the youngest US president in history.

Buttigieg was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, he attended Harvard College and later became a Rhodes scholar. After a three-year stint at a consulting firm, McKinsey and Company, Buttigieg came back to Indiana and lost a race for state treasurer in 2010. The race helped him become recognized in the state, and he successfully won his first term as mayor of South Bend in 2011. Twelve months before he took office, Newsweek had listed South Bend as one of America's 10 dying cities.

Buttigieg took an unpaid leave from the mayor's office to deploy to Afghanistan in 2014 with the U.S. Navy Reserve, in which he had served since 2009.

Buttigieg, who came out in 2015, will also be the first openly LGBTQ elected official to run for President, according to the LGBTQ Victory Fund. In an interview with CNN in December, Buttigieg wondered if his sexuality would be an issue for more conservative Democrats. "The only way to know is to get out there," he said. "I will say I got re-elected with 80% of the vote after I had come out while Mike Pence was governor of Indiana. I don't think these things decide your fate."

The remainder of Buttigieg's second term will see multimillion-dollar investments in parks and trails, along with a push for citywide early childhood education. Unemployment has been cut in half since 2012. Hip restaurants are sprouting. Empty factories are being retrofitted. The population is modestly increasing. The trick, Buttigieg found, was to appeal to South Benders pride without collapsing into paralyzing nostalgia. Mark Neal, the former deputy mayor, calls his old boss the perfect person at the perfect time to lead a Rust Belt town on the rebound. He was young, he was dynamic, he was smart, Neal says. He had ideas. And he has paired that energy with rigor, says South Bend Common Council President Tim Scott. He’s not doing anything radical, Scott says. He’s always going to have the data behind him. He’s going to do the research 10 times more than anyone else. (Maybe Addy can help him do it 10 times faster).

People say it’s all about how Buttigieg talks

"I think the more crowded it is, the more room there is for newcomers and underdogs. I think it's not an accident that with so many well-known figures in the mix, still no one has been able to consolidate even a strong plurality." He also enjoys something many other candidates do not: a record of support from voters at both ends of the political spectrum. "There are a lot of people [in Indiana] who voted for Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Mike Pence and me," he says. "Voters are not organizing all of their thinking along ideological lines." He's hoping that his experience heading up a city government, rather than coming from a state or federal office, will give him an edge among those voters.

“So here’s what I think the Green New Deal gets right and why I think it’s good that it’s been put forward. There are two really important pillars to this, I think. The first is it correctly situates this as a major national emergency. It identifies this as a problem whose destructive powers is comparable to the Great Depression or World War except for this time we see it coming. So shame on us if we don’t do anything. And that’s how I view it, right? As a mayor, and frankly in the political process, part of what I’m trying to do is just change the mental B-roll that people have when we say a word like climate and get it away from, you know, chunks of ice breaking off the Antarctic and polar bears and move what your mind’s eye pictures to things like parts of California catching on fire or my own city, where we had, you know, twice I’ve had to activate the emergency operations center of our city for a flood, for a historic flood. One of them was a 500-year flood. And one of them was a thousand-year flood and they happened 18 months apart. So this is an emergency of world-historic proportions. And the Green New Deal gets that. The second thing it gets, and the reason the New Deal metaphor is kind of elegant, is it shows this idea that there’s also economic opportunity from rising to meet that challenge. So you know, part of how we ended the Great Depression was mobilizing to deal with World War II. But it shouldn’t take a war to mount that kind of national effort. So look, I get that it’s ultimately right now, is more of a set of goals than it is an actual plan, right. And we haven’t figured out some of the things that it would take to meet those goals.”

A supporter summarizes Buttigiegs' policies



Buttigieg supports the US becoming a "net zero" consumer of energy, the Green New Deal, and says that he cares about the issue, in part, because as a younger candidate it'll be his generation that has to bare the consequences.



He thinks NAFTA caused irreplaceable job losses, a strong supporter of unions, says Democrats need to advocate harder for working people and help them achieve economic stability.


Student Loan Crisis:

Buttigieg supports improving the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, making federal support to states dependent on how much they subsidize education and is open to debt cancellation.



He supports DACA and would like to see Congress pass a law creating a pathway to citizenship for the Dreamers. Is vehemently opposed to sending troops to the southern border and says troops should only be deployed in cases where all other diplomacy fails.


Social Issues:

Has called for an end to "the war on trans-Americans", and for a Federal Equality Act that would protect the employment rights of the LGBTQ community Government Reform: Has been a vocal supporter of abolishing the electoral college and reforming the Supreme Court. Supports a plan where SC justices either rotate on and off lower courts, or have 5 justices appointed from each party with 5 others chosen by unanimous decision by the other 10 for a total of 15 justices.

Addy’s data source

This report draws analytics about Pete Buttigieg Reddit. The analysis is comprised of 4595 documents extracted from different sources such as,, published in the period from January 01, 2019 to March 25, 2019.
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