Advocates for legalization of marijuana building a strong political force

“Stoners, they live in the clouds!”,

is a common stereotype for cannabis users that has proven to be far from the truth.

Using our research tool, Addy, we found that when the subject is about marijuana, the top topic is marijuana laws. We decided to dig deeper to see what about marijuana laws was being discussed and found a strong correlation between the cannabis community and politics. The top topic for marijuana laws is state candidates and politics, it seems that when it’s time to hit the voting polls the cannabis community shows up with their homework done.

On, many shine a light on those politicians who either have a policy on marijuana or who support marijuana legalization. Jeff Sessions is a part the Trump administration and is against marijuana initiatives. He is mentioned alongside the Cole Memorandum which was discussed on a previous infographic, click here to check it out. Marijuana supporter Bernie Sanders, a Democratic State Senator from Vermont is widely discussed and supported by the cannabis community.

Jacky Rosen is also mentioned in support as she is pro-marijuana legalization. She is a US representative from Nevada and is the Democratic nominee in the 2018 US Senate election. In November 2017 Rosen delivered a statement directed to Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell, Leader Pelosi, and Leader Schumer, expressing her support to include provisions that provide protection from the federal government to states that have medical marijuana laws on the books. Rosan continues her efforts through early 2018 to as recently as August 8th, 2018 when she signed onto a bipartisan legislation to regulate marijuana like alcohol and remove it from being a schedule I drug.

We uncovered many discussions regarding individual states and their politicians, lists’ of politicians that are pro-marijuana reform, information on specific marijuana-related laws and new initiatives, as well as many discussions on how to unite and strengthen their voices on this matter. ‘Better know a State:’, posts discuss candidates, their political promises and where they stand in the movement to legalize marijuana.

‘Tweet your congressman to support H.R.1227 – Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 (Template inside)’– Reddit post

The picture Addy was able to paint for us on this model was clear as day, the cannabis industry is very much loyal and has a never-ending, uplifting spirit in supporting legalization across the board and supporting the industry in itself. Their passion inspires them to stay educated on the latest cannabis news and they look forward to helping educate others.  Visit us as to learn more insights on the cannabis industry, marijuana laws, and many other subjects.