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Using the powerful Addy tool we created a model on the latest iPhones. Below is a graph representation of all of the top topics within the model. Read more to gain further insight into the number one top topic, iPhone 11 Pro Review Round-Up.


Iphone 11 Pro Review Round Up | 30.4%

At Addy finding insights is fast and easy. Addy's powerful clustering algorithms paired with machine learning gives our users clear and organized results. Not only will you get the top topics, words, sentiment, entities, and emotions, but the top documents as well, to give you further context. Here are the top location, organization, and date for the number one top topic, 'iPhone 11 Pro Round-Up', from Addy's New iPhone data model.


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Addy not only gives us the top words for each top topic, but it also provides similar words/phrases to gain further knowledge. Below are some of the top words Addy discovered, hover over to uncover the similar phrases/words.



Below are the supporting documents for each of the top words above.


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