November 13, 2019

Iphone 11 Pro

November 6, 2019

Andrew Yang (Reddit)

October 31, 2019

2019 Halloween Trends

October 7, 2019

Supply Chain Analytic Trends

September 25, 2019

A quick look into the Addy model: Warehouse Management Facts

September 20, 2019

A quick look into the Supply Chain topic: Warehouse Management Facts

August 28, 2019

Supply Chain Basics: Forecasting

August 28, 2019

Supply Chain: Mexico

August 15, 2019

Supply Chain Quick Insights

August 1, 2019

Millennials & Personal Finance (Reddit)

July 16, 2019

Investing Do’s and Don’ts

July 15, 2019

Affordable Summer Activities

July 10, 2019

Camping Necessities

July 5, 2019

Women’s World Cup: Who Will Win?

July 2, 2019

Independence Day History

June 17, 2019

Father’s Day 2019

June 12, 2019

2018 Health Trends

May 23, 2019

Earth Day: Protect Our Species

May 16, 2019


May 9, 2019

Renewable Energy

May 7, 2019

Mother’s Day 2019: Gifts

April 30, 2019

Food Waste

April 26, 2019

Spring 2019: Football Transfer Market

April 25, 2019

Elon Musk Projects

April 24, 2019

Mayor Pete, A Star Is Born

March 25, 2019

Beto O’Rourke
March 22, 2019

March 20, 2019

Kamala Harris
March 15, 2019

Apex Legends
March 11, 2019

Daylight Saving Time
February 26, 2019

Zion Williamson

February 22, 2019

2020 Presidential Candidates- Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker

February 21, 2019

2020 Presidential Candidates- Elizabeth Warren.

January 31, 2019

Hoverboard Insights

January 21, 2019

CFO Risk Management

January 17, 2019

Fashion Trends

January 10, 2019

Social Media Trends

January 4, 2019

2019 Retail Trends

December 27, 2018

Marijuana Publications

December 26, 2018

Millennial Publications

December 21, 2018

Movie Reviews: Elf

December 20, 2018

2018 Christmas Insights

December 18, 2018

Top NFL Discussions

December 14, 2018

Analysis Of Cryptocurrency News Websites

December 11, 2018

Artificial Intelligence

November 30, 2018

Cloud Services

November 27, 2018

Post Midterm Elections- Marijuana Initiatives

November 26, 2018

CFO News

November 21, 2018

Black Friday Insights

November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Insights

November 19, 2018


November 13, 2018

Digital Transformation

November 9, 2018

Popular Amazon Prime Original TV Shows Review

Amazon is making big efforts and spending big bucks in producing its own TV series productions on Amazon Prime. Its efforts come in an attempt to […]
November 7, 2018

Millennial Fashion

We’ve all heard about the Great Depression generation and the Baby Boomer generation, but now the latest generation hype is Millennials. The Millennial generation, also known […]
November 5, 2018

Top Regulation News

October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

October 30, 2018

Halloween Trends 2018

October 25, 2018

Cryptocurrency Mining News Insights

October 23, 2018

Cryptomining News Topics

October 19, 2018

Four Statewide Marijuana Reform Initiatives on the Ballot, and what You need to Know

As election day in the U.S approaches, we used Addy to quickly learn about the current marijuana regulations in four states that have marijuana initiatives on […]
October 16, 2018

Marijuana Health

October 12, 2018

Blockchain News: Cryptocurrency

October 8, 2018

Fun Trending Words From Addy Insights Ed. 2

October 5, 2018

The growing Marijuana Industry

October 3, 2018

Digital Marketing lingo: Top Words & Acronyms according to

September 28, 2018

Marijuana Consumption Methods

September 27, 2018

Cryptocurrency Mining News Insights

September 26, 2018

Marijuana Consumption Preferences

September 21, 2018

Fun Trending Words from Addy Insights

September 21, 2018

Cryptocurrency Mining Insights: Finance questions

September 14, 2018

After Labor Day Products Review

September 14, 2018

Key Insights on the SEC’s position on Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

This week we asked Addy to analyze testimonies and speeches by SEC executives on cryptocurrency with a specific focus on ICO, Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Addy […]
September 13, 2018

Cryptocurrency Mining: Words You Should Know

.                                                    […]
September 11, 2018

Conditions Approved for Medical Marijuana, By State

September 6, 2018

Understanding the Cryptocurrency Mining Ecosystem

Coming soon… Cryptocurrency Mining: Words You Should Know Understand how the Stablecoins conversations are changing over time Blockchain can provide solution for voting fraud Does the […]
September 5, 2018

Quick Insights on Cryptocurrency Mining 101

Blockchain Technology, Stablecoins and now Cryptocurrency Mining. Addy is tackling yet another hot topic in the tech world, below are some quick insights. Coming soon to Addy… […]
August 31, 2018

Hot topics for the Labor Day weekend from Bing Search!

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August 30, 2018

Advocates for legalization of marijuana building a strong political force

“Stoners, they live in the clouds!”, is a common stereotype for cannabis users that has proven to be far from the truth. Using our research tool, […]
August 28, 2018

Timeline of US Cannabis Laws

US cannabis laws have revolutionized throughout the years leaving space for a new legal industry to emerge. Movements on decriminalization of marijuana date back to 45 years ago […]
August 24, 2018

The Changing, Trending Topics about Stablecoins over the past 7 months

Tether dominated Stablecoin conversations at the beginning of the year with its amazing success. From January 2017 to August 2018, the amount of Tether tokens outstandingly […]
August 24, 2018

An inforgraphic on Marijuana Laws

August 21, 2018

Stablecoins terms and definitions

August 21, 2018

Jobs in the cannabis industry

For more Addy insights on the marijuana movement, sign up here on our contact page The evolution of marijuana laws in the US over the past […]
August 20, 2018

Stablecoins at a glance

August 17, 2018

The Cannabis industry already competitive, but the practitioners remain supportive of one another

Designed in Canva
August 15, 2018

Cannabis dispensary in an infographic

We are starting a series on Marijuana as a business. While the marijuana industries continues to grow, there just isn’t a lot of insights on the […]
August 14, 2018

Addy blockchain data model exposes trends

August 10, 2018

Controversial Blockchain Topics

August 9, 2018

Adulting millennials are side hustling for money and managing it with digital wealth management

Millennials are adulting about money, and their language may sound foreign to older people. In a followup to Addy’s <Millennials & Money> audience data model, we’re […]
August 8, 2018

Blockchain, the solution to voting interference concerns

August 7, 2018

Does blockchain smart contracts signal the beginning of the end for e-commerce giants?

  The prospect of breaking free from the oligopolistic e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and others to a more fair, decentralized ecosystem using blockchain technology, […]
August 2, 2018

Insights from the Amazon Prime Day product reviews 2018

Amazon Prime Day 2018 was the biggest shopping event ever with 100 million products sold. This momentous online shopping day covered 36 hours period between July […]
August 2, 2018

Glitter, Straws, Bottles, Bags… war against plastics on reddit!

“Glitter, a Global Hazard”, “A War on Plastic”, “Ditching Plastic Straws”, are just a few of the headlines you can find on regarding plastic pollution. Well, […]
June 14, 2018

Decriminalize & Legalize Marijuana, A Top Topic on Reddit

Many enthusiasts are sharing raw, insightful comments on the topic of marijuana on the popular site At Addy, we are mining these comments and running […]
June 11, 2018

Most Engaging Content for Zoo Marketers

Addy has built an audience model for zoo marketers. We wanted to know what might be compelling content to get people interested in going to the […]
June 3, 2018

Reacting Sentiments to the Seattle Head Tax

Seattle city politicians are out of touch with the desires of the citizens in passing the employee head tax, according to majority of the comments left […]