Blockchain, the solution to voting interference concerns


We've all heard it, whether we're interested in the topic or not, Voting Interference. Did Russia really meddle in the last US Presidential Election? Do they pose the same threat for future elections? Well, what is the US doing to eliminate once and for all voting interference? Blockchain technology might be just what we need to solve this problem, at least at the "voting booth" level.

Zug Switzerland
Blockchain technology alongside smart contracts is being used to decentralize the marketplaces and the e-commerce around the world. Zug, Switzerland, also known as "Crypto Valley", held a blockchain vote on June 25th. “Crypto Valley” is home to many blockchain startups and is widely known for accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Blockchain voting will potentially allow participants to verify results, a solution to a problem that is widely shared.

Zug citizens went through an in-person process to access an eID system that would be used alongside the app, Uport, to cast their votes. This new and innovative smart contract known as a Uport Proxy Contract was used to vote on issues ranging from fireworks at the annual Festival to whether they think eIDs should be used to borrow books from libraries and pay parking fees. According to, Wivacoin news, Switzerland plans on expanding electronic voting and have said they would like to see more than 67 percent of e-voting before the end of 2019. Soon after it was reported that Zug communications chief Dieter Müller told the Swiss News Agency that, “The premiere was a success,” and while the number of participants in the test was not the highest, those who took part found it easy.

HPB, or high-performance blockchain aims at supporting 1 million transactions at an astonishing three-second confirmation timeframe. The world of technology is taking major steps towards solving current world issues. HTC Exodus is the first mobile device said to be already accepting and conforming to blockchain technology. Using Addy as our research tool, we found that people who are talking about smart contract powered commerce felt positive or were open to the new technology.

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