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Apex Legends has been out for about six weeks and it is taking the gaming world by a storm. After the first three days of the games' release, Apex had a player base of more than 10 million; and 25 million players after the first week of its' launch. As a point of reference, it took Fortnite two weeks to hit the 10 million player mark. Granted this could be due to the power of social media and Twitch in their ability to market new video games; and the nature of hype creation for new trends. In recognizing the success of Apex Legends, it was natural to turn to Addy to find insights as to why this new battle royale is so successful.


Ping System Boon

The Ping system works extremely well and you’ll instantly wish it was in all other team-based games, because not only is it genuinely useful but it means you’ll never again have to listen to another grunting, swearing rando on the other end of a microphone. https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/05/apex-legends-initial-verdict-is-it-a-fortnite-killer-8449564/

Refreshing Feature

Like other battle royale titles, a player is downed before being killed off and they can hold a shield item in their inventory to prevent players from shooting to finish them off. Enemies can, however, get up close to employ a lethal execution animation (these are also battle royale fists). But even then, players can recover the tags of their downed ally and bring them to a revive point where they can then re-enter the match via a dropship, but without any of their loot. These layers upon layers add so much to the dynamic of the usual 'die and go back to the menu' style of more punishing battle royale experiences. https://screenrant.com/apex-legends-review/

Unusual Features

In the game, it is also possible to revive fallen teammates. If one of your squadmates dies, but you manage to survive the battle, you can go to their loot crate and pick up their banner/data chip and take it to a green respawn location. From there you are able to call them back into the battle. Doing so is risky as it takes time and exposes you to being killed yourself but it's worth the effort to keep the team at full strength. Revived teammates won't have any weapons when they return, but at least that brings your numbers back up. It also means if you die, you don't just have to spectate until the end of the match. It's also worth knowing that there's no fall damage, so you don't need to worry about a horrid death from falling off high locations. https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/146995-what-is-apex-legends-free-to-play-battle-royale

The game also features a brilliant gunplay style, but fans of Titanfall may be disappointed if they're expecting more from that franchise with this game. Apex Legends stands out from other Battle Royale games by including human and robot heroes known as "Legends" - these are hero characters with special abilities and tactics which set them apart in battle. Think Overwatch, but with Battle Royale style gameplay This is fairly unusual as most other games in this genre create a level playing field by setting everyone off on the same foot with basic characters that have no physical attributes or skills to give them the upper hand over opponents. The various character skills also work well with each other and can be used to complement the squad to make an efficient fighting unit. The game is also unusual in that it only supports three player squads at this time. https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/146995-what-is-apex-legends-free-to-play-battle-royale

Key Features

Matches are fast and usually completed in less than 20 minutes. At the beginning of a given match there is a dropship that players jump from, like any other battle royale, but in this one, players jump together as a squad and one player is designated the "Jumpmaster" to keep them together. Players can manually separate from the pack of course, but it's a smart change to enforce the idea that Apex Legends is a truly a squad-based game. https://screenrant.com/apex-legends-review/

Quality of Life Improvements

Improvements vs Competitors

The best part of this take on the Overwatch loot formula is that there are no duplicates, and the rarity levels of everything are outlined on the official Apex Legends website. Eradicating duplicates is just one of the for-the-player quality of life improvements Apex Legends offers. When starting a match, there's virtually no load time, nor is there a lobby waiting area- players get into matches almost immediately. During gameplay, players can mark and highlight enemies, loot, or any point of interest on the map (a version of the marking system from Rainbow Six Siege mixed with enemy markings from Battlefield for a very welcoming in-game intel sharing/communication. When picking up mods and armor, items are automatically equipped where they should be instantaneously and there's already ammo in the weapon. Everything a player would want or imagine should happen with fundamental game mechanics, simply does in Apex Legends and it just goes to show how other shooters and battle royale games are missing out on some key features. https://screenrant.com/apex-legends-review/

Family Friendly

"Kid Friendly"

There are no chainsaws or dismemberment and blood is kept to a bare minimum. "The weapons look and feel like realistic versions of present-day firearms." Someone even gave this advice, "For those who are wary of exposing your kids to violence, you owe it to yourself to view some online clips first. The team-based aspect means that you can and should play along. I’ve spent several hours playing sessions alongside my daughter". https://www.freep.com/story/news/nation/2019/02/18/apex-legends-guide-tips-characters/2909099002/

Positive Community

The community is surprisingly forgiving. In my dozens of hours (and hundreds of matches) in Apex Legends, I’ve encountered virtually no player hostility. The ping system removes a lot of need for voice chat; I can count on one hand the times I was chastised for a bad decision or drubbed down for my lack of skills. And, even if you do get a harsh team, once you’re out of the match, voice contact is instantly severed. I was back into another game with an all-new trio before I had a moment to dwell on the experience. https://www.freep.com/story/news/nation/2019/02/18/apex-legends-guide-tips-characters/2909099002/

A Cynical Point-of-View

It's a battle royale game, initially popularized by Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. It's free-to-play like Fortnite and it has a class-based character system, like Overwatch. A cynic might look at this and think that Respawn, and publisher EA, took every market-proven industry trend, crammed it into a Titanfall game, and then took out the mechanics and the wall-running. http://digg.com/2019/apex-legends-ping-system

Growth Hacking Elements:

Apex Legends had a massive amount of success early on in the release of their product. It is believed that this is due to a number of factors: it is free to play which lowers the barrier of entry. It combines all of the things people love in each battle royale game and turns it into a complete package. This game really focused on quality of life improvements that other games were lacking in this genre, it initiated the right amount of buzz on main platforms (SM and Twitch), they correctly balanced family-friendly and competitive gameplay, they used the ping system to allow everyone in the game to communicate effectively with no need for headsets, the 'waiting around time' was minimized by allowing players to jump straight into character selection and drop into the environment, they reinforced the idea that this is a squad game, not a solo game by through implementing the jumpmaster role, and it allows players the opportunity to respawn, keeping them engaged throughout the game even if they fail.

Top Influencers

Vince Zampella- CEO of Respawn Entertainment
Respawn- Developer of Apex Legends
Javy Gwaltney- Writer for Game Informer
Jumpmaster- Character who controls where the squad lands in Apex Legends

Kraber- Legendary sniper only obtained from random supply drops in the game
Andrew Wilson- CEO of Electronic Arts
Mackey McCandlish- Design Director for Apex Legends
Segal- Ari Segal, CEO at Immortals (Esports Team)
Jefferies- An American multinational independent investment bank and financial services company
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