Super charge your agency with AI powers

From strategy to copy writing, wow your clients with algorithmic-driven content insights

Become a domain superhero, super fast

No more spending hours and hours manually analyzing content or using traditional research based tools.¬†Addy’s powerful content analysis¬†algorithms accelerates your understanding of your client’s domain by intuitively summarizing the most important and relevant themes across multiple content assets including those of its competitors.

Build & track customized audience models

Every client is unique including their target audience. We work with you to understand your client’s audience personas and build models that accurately reflect their interests and top-of-mind topics. Once built, Addy continuously refreshes the audience model giving you up-to-date and frequent insights so you can report out to your client.

Deliver high impact and story-driven reports

Every content has a story to tell. But often that takes a lot of your time identifying and hand-crafting charts that narrate that story. With Addy you have access to several types of visualizations that you can download and add to your client reports and deliverables. All visualizations have different filters that allow you to slice-n-dice and magically find useful insight nuggets to drive your client’s content strategy and copy.

Win business using data & algorithms as your secret weapons

No more “spraying and praying”. Impress your prospects by letting them know of your highly data-disciplined and algorithm-driven approach to your content delivery services. From planning your editorial calendar based on uncovered audience themes to making content writing recommendations to improve performance, Addy will be your sidekick and help you score new business.