Affordable Summer Activities

We all love the warm summer days and the cool summer nights, yet our wallets might not feel the same way. It can be hard not to spend a pretty hefty amount on activities during the summer, because, if we're being honest kids and adults alike just want to play. Here are some tips that will surely make everyone, including our wallets, feel happy and ready to take on summer 2019!

If the sun's out and like most of us, you have no easy access to a pool, a slip-in-slide is the way to go. This fun activity is a minimal cost for a maximum amount of fun and the best part? It doesn't have to just be for kids, put on a swimsuit and get on sliding no matter the age. If that doesn't sound fit for you, (maybe your body doesn't bend like it used too), try a water balloon fight. Fill a bunch of balloons with water and pelt your favorite people, it's a great workout and a good way to get out all of those non-summer frustrations, like work duties. Yuck!


Now that there are plenty of great ideas to do on a summer day, what about the summer nights? For a relaxing evening at home, try a movie night, but with a twist! Pitch a tent in the backyard, fill it with lots of snacks and a couple of cozy blankets. Bring out your favorite movies and a portable DVD player or projector and just like that you'll have a movie night with a twist. No need for a trip to the theatre, or to a crowded campsite. The best part is, if you forget anything or have to use the restroom, you can hop right back inside for all of your human needs.

Another fun activity for everyone is a paint night party. Visit your local craft store to purchase a few canvases and some paint supply essentials. Gather up your pals and channel your inner Picasso, or get inspired by browsing on Pinterest, whatever works! If you want to get extra fancy, throw in some wine and cheese, and maybe some juice boxes for the kiddos. Everyone will be sure to love art night and will want to display their masterpieces for all to see.

Use these tips to kick off some summer fun, and your wallet will be sure to thank you. Here at Addy, we hope your wallet stays warm all summer long to fund a much-needed vacation during the cold winter months! Can anyone say Christmas in Cabo?

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